Top Uses 4 Wild Orange.


Wild orange can be used for a countless number of things. The most common use is for anxiousness, typically accompanied by stress, fear, nervousness, lack of concentration, and the list goes on. Most of us have experienced some form of anxiety in our life and we each seek different coping methods when it arises.

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Even if you have never experienced anxiousness, or can’t quite identify with it, wild orange is great for creating an uplifting environment and simply making you and the world around you smell goOoOod ;).

Let’s start with my absolute favorite way to use wild orange essential oil. It’s as simple as this…

Take 1 or 2 drops in your palms, rub them together, cup your palms around your nose and take a deeeeeeep inhale. Remove your palms from your face and exhale fully out of your mouth. Inhaling wild orange will uplift your mood, balance your energy, and reduce your stress. Sometimes, before I teach class I will do this 3 or so times to encourage a positive, relaxed, and balanced mindset. Try this method before leaving your house for work in the morning or before a big presentation. Easy enough, right?!Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup

For deep feelings of anxiousness and nervousness, apply wild orange topically to your pulse points. Rub a little on your wrist creases, behind your neck & ears, and on the bottoms of your feet. You can also rub some on your chest and even on your temples! Wild orange is fine to rub directly on your skin; however, if your skin is extra sensitive, dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil before applying.

When it comes to reducing anxiousness and fear, and increasing concentration, diffuse wild orange with peppermint essential oil. An aromatherapy diffuser creates an uplifting environment for any area in your home or even at your desk. Simply add a few drops to the water and you’ll have a sweet smelling happy space in no time.

Another one of my favorite things to do is putting 2 drops of wild orange in my palms first and rubbing them together (like we talked about earlier). Next add a small drop of peppermint to your palms, rub them together, cup your palms around your nose and inhale. Peppermint is powerful so be mindful!

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Wake up!! 

You know when 2 pm rolls around in the office

and you feel like you might die without that cup of


Try diffusing essential orange at your desk

and inhaling it from your palms for an

invigorating and energizing boost! 


Wild orange can also be used for trouble sleeping, heartburn, sluggish bowels, seasonal & environmental threats, menopause, and detoxing.

While reading deeper into the uses of wild orange, sleeplessness kept popping up. I’ve always thought of wild orange as an energizing and uplifting oil, which it is. However, I realized that I relate “energizing” and “uplifting” to waking up and becoming more lively. That’s not necessarily the case. Uplifting could mean making your mood lighten enough for you to relax. According to a brochure from, use lavender, orange, Serenity, or Roman chamomile for insomnia. Diffuse it to create an uplifting, calming environment, mist it on your pillow or any linens you sleep with, and/or apply it topically to your neck and feet.

When it comes to heartburn and sluggish bowels, The Essential Life, (one of my most favorite books) suggests taking wild orange and ginger essential oil in a veggie capsule.

When it comes to seasonal and environmental threats, make sure you diffuse wild orange on the regular. In addition, rub it on the bottoms of your feet a few times a day. The bottoms of your feet have large pores that help absorb the oil more quickly into your bloodstream. An article from DōTERRA suggests putting 1 to 2 drops of wild orange into a veggie capsule and taking it daily to support a healthy immune system. We’re right in the midst of those cold weather months that only seem to be getting colder (except for this random “50 degree heat wave”) so make sure to get your orange oil game on!

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Menopause is one I cannot personally speak on, BUT according to my research ladies, you should diffuse it and apply it topically to your pulse points to take the edge off on an as-needed basis.

January is the month of detoxing, or so they say. Personally, I think I’ve added more bread, cheese, wine, and beer to my diet, but who’s judging? Looks like I should start adding some wild orange to counter balance…by taking 1 or 2 drops of essential orange oil in water or in a veggie capsule daily, it can assist with cleansing.  I’ve tried wild orange infused water and it’s delicious! Let the journey begin.

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“Patients waiting for dental treatment were found to be less anxious and to have a better mood when exposed to the odor of lavender or orange oil (Lehrner et al., 2005).”
Modern Essentials Usage Guide, AromaTools, pg 80. 


Time to bring it to the house.Image result for house banner

Like most citrus oils, wild orange has the ability to polish wood furniture. The oils polish and clean the wood without drying it out, leaving your table top with a squeaky clean shine! Mix wild orange with olive oil and vinegar in a spray bottle to create your own wood furniture polish. I’ve tried making my own polish using lemon essential oil and water, which gave a nice glossy shine to my rarely dusted HomeGoods tables; however, I’ll give this legit recipe a whirl.

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Did you know wild orange can be used as a purifying agent to clean counter tops, tables, and any other surfaces you infect with your dirty hands daily? I probably just insulted most of you, but that’s okay, at least our counter tops will be clean! The easiest way to accomplish this is by adding a few drops of wild orange to a spray bottle filled with water.

You can also use a few drops of wild orange in your bathroom sink to get rid of any unpleasant odors. I can’t quite recall where I read this information, but pouring a few drops of wild orange down the drain followed by boiling hot water will help clear drainage backup.

Last but not least for top uses of wild orange essential oil is….cooking! Except I’ve already talked soooo much about so many uses that I’m going to save that portion for one of the last blogs this month. Let’s face it, food & beverages need all of our attention.


Anxiousness & Nervousness:  Apply topically to bottoms of feet, wrists, behind neck & ears, chest, & temples.

Anxiousness, Fear, Concentration: Diffuse with peppermint. Rub on palms and inhale (add drops of peppermint & frankincense if available).

Seasonal Threats/Immune Support: Rub on bottoms of feet. Diffuse.

Detox: Put in veggie capsule and take internally daily. Add 1 to 2 drops to water & drink.

Heartburn & Sluggish Bowels: Take internally, one capsule with ginger daily.

Trouble Sleeping: Diffuse. Apply to pillow/linens. Apply to neck and feet.

Menopause: Diffuse. Apply to pulse points (wrists, bottoms of feet, neck & ears).

Purifying Agent: Add to spray bottle with water. Clean counter tops, kitchen tables, etc.

Wood Furniture Polish: Mix with olive oil & vinegar in a spray bottle.

**Disclaimer: I’m basing my articles off of dōTERRA essential oils, however you may be using a different brand if you already have them. Read the label of the oil brand you are using and make sure you follow its guidelines because not all oils are created equal. For example, if your bottle says “do not take internally” then do not take it internally, no matter what I’ve written here. If you would like to purchase dōTERRA’s Wild Orange, click here!


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