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From my travels & the travels of my friends, I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and rings. Each item is a representation of where it was found, bringing the same vibes and positive energy of it’s native location.

Wear these items close to your heart. ॐ

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What are Malabeads?

Thousands of year ago, somewhere around 8th Century BC, ancient India began using Malabeads as a tool for meditation. Overtime, many cultures have adopted their own version of prayer beads. Traditionally, they’re strung with 108 beads, or a division of the significant number 108. The Guru bead at the end represents your inner teacher as well as other significant teachers in your life. It is said that while meditating over the beads, you never cross the guru bead, as that would be considered stepping on your inner teacher. Once you recite your chosen mantra over each bead, you simply go back the other way. In between the 108 beads, there are sometimes beads of different size or texture known as spacer beads. These beads are to keep you on track while reciting your meditation.

When meditating, pick a mantra, or short phrase that serves you whether in English or Sanskrit. Find a comfortable seat. Hold your Mala in your right hand, draped over your pointer finger and your middle finger. Starting at the Guru bead, use your thumb to shift the smaller beads towards you, one at a time. Repeat your mantra over each bead as your thumb pulls them toward you.

Cleanse your beads by placing them in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Be mindful of the type of beads, as the sun may fade their color. My personal favorite way to cleanse my Malabeads is Palo Santo! Simply light your Palo Santo and run the smoke under your Mala. If your Mala breaks (and most likely it will if you wear it enough) it is your chance to restring it with new intention. Each time you make a Mala you can add a new intention. I like to select certain beads based on what I’m visually drawn to and then look at their role in healing the mind, body, and spirit. This is a good way to make your custom Mala even more personal. The best part is, you can of course use different Malas for different intentions, so it is way okay to have more than one!

Caring For Your Mala

  • Hanging your Mala may make the cord stretch out a little faster. Lay your Mala on your night stand, or any other raised space off of the ground while you’re not wearing it.
  • Exposure to sunlight may cause the beads to fade. Sometimes this adds a pretty touch!
  • If you feel that you need to cleanse your Mala or just give it a fresh charge, burn Sage or Palo Santo. This is an act known as Smudging, clearing negative energy to make space for positive energy.
  • If the tassel becomes bent, lay your Mala flat out on a table and place a book (or any other heavy object) on it, and leave it over night. Sometimes, for silk tassels I’ll take beeswax or coconut oil and try to smooth it out. A combination of both usually always does the trick!

Create your own Mala
Prayer Beads on Apple iOS 11.3

Gemstone/bead type + size

Spacer bead type/size (if desired)

Tassel color + length + Material

Pendant (type of crystal/stone/sea glass/shell)

Charm + charm color (bronze, copper, silver, gold)
Want to wear your travels?
Send us your shell, stone, sea glass, etc.
We’ll customize a piece of jewelry unique and special to you!

Create your own Piece🐚

• Length
• Chain/cord type
• Style (hanging, choker, etc.)
• Charms (color: bronze, gold, silver, copper)

• Wrist size (inches)
• Chain/cord type
• Style (beaded, dangle piece, etc.)
• Closure (square knot, tie, clasp, etc.)
• Charms (color: bronze, gold, silver, copper)

• Length
• Charm (color: bronze, silver, gold, copper)
• Color (gold, bronze, silver, copper)

• Ring size
• Metal/silver plated
• Wire wrapped

• Ankle size (inches)
• Charm (color: bronze, copper, silver, gold)
• Chain/cord style (options: braided, square knotted, etc.)

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