Practice & Time, What A Lovely Pair

Whether it’s on Instagram, Yoga Journal, or one of the other yoga saturated sites/social medias out there, you are bound to see some crazy yoga moves that will drop your jaw in about t-2 seconds.

First reaction, “No way.”

Fascinated with the thousands of years old practice, I tend to gravitate toward anything yoga related: pictures, articles, videos, books, etc. In the past, when I saw peoples’ handstands, backbends, splits, or funky arm balances of some sort, that was my very first reaction: “No way.” I thought, “Wow, how talented they are.” This is true, they are very talented and lucky to have a fully functioning, healthy, body (from the outside at least).

Recently, I have been trying a different approach when I see a pose that I think looks amazing and impossible all at the same time…

Instead of immediately telling myself that there is “no way” and “leaving it to the professionals”, I accept it as a challenge. The most important part of this newly determined challenge is accepting from the beginning that it is going to take time. There will be plenty of failure proceeding success, and that’s okay. The process will teach patience; a good quality to incorporate both on and off of the mat.

Now, do I take on this mentality with every pose that I scroll past on Instagram? Hell no. Certain poses are enticing. There’s a subtle inner pull towards specific postures or sequences. You will just know when you see it. What are you drawn to?

Once you determine a goal posture, and accept that it may take time, maybe even years…you’re gold. Make it your mission to feel the posture, to embrace the discomfort, to welcome the benefits, and overall, to allow your breath to deepen your mind body connection.  The mission starts on day one: the day you set your goal. The feel will be different each and every day. Embrace, welcome, and allow, always.

When you set a goal; work towards it every day, even if some days there is no physical action, only creative visualization. Let yourself work hard enough that you cannot contain your excitement during the first glimpse of success. It should make you want to jump up and scream! At least that is how I tend to react..everyone deserves to feel that rush of positivity.

If you tell yourself that you can, you CAN. If you tell yourself that you cannot, you cannot.

It’s that simple.

One of my first attempts returning to crow from headstand…

(This was about a year ago. I wish I could insert a video because it is just too darn funny to see 5 solid rocks and then boom face plant! Sound effects and all..)

This was yesterday…


I can’t remember the exact date of the yoga breakthrough, but it’s still with me!

Once the goal is accomplished, stick with it. You worked too hard to lose it. Yoga practice is different every day, some days are better than others: embrace, welcome, allow. 😉

“I can do it.” “I am good enough.” “I got this.”

Repeat these affirmations to yourself every day. Soon, you will start to believe in them. Remember, others will form their own opinions of what you can and cannot do, and that is out of your control. The only thing you can control is your perception, so why not make it a positive one. Who knows, you may inspire someone else to do the same.

We are more connected than we think. ❤


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