My Story

I started practicing yoga in college with no expectations. For me, it was just another means of exercise. The gym gets kind of boring and my club volleyball days at MSU were coming to an end. So, when my roommate asked me to try a hot yoga class, I figured: “Why not? At least it was hot yoga and I would break a sweat.”

I loved it. I couldn’t believe I found an exercise that I looked forward to engaging in. It soon became a necessity. Thank goodness for student discounts and the 2-minute commute.

At first, I couldn’t do a Chaturanga push up, an advanced part of the Vinyasa Flow. I was a skinny little nugget with zero upper body strength. Instead of viewing this as a failure, I accepted the challenge. One day, it happened. That’s the beauty of yoga. There’s always room to grow. Each and every practice brings unique surprises and revelations.

After a year or so, I found myself searching for more. I began questioning the depth behind my physical practice. I debated for months before I started researching YTT programs with the idea of going simply to deepen my practice. At the time, I was working for Corporate America and very ready for a vacation getaway.

I began searching for 200 hour YTT in other cities, states, and countries. The beautiful shores of Thailand first caught my eye; however, internally, I knew that I wasn’t ready for that far of a leap. That’s when I discovered Costa Rica and Marianne Well’s Yoga School. After browsing the website, I knew this was the one. I felt it. The next day at work, I got an approved, unpaid, 2 weeks off from my manager. I registered that night.

Life changing is the only way to describe those 2 weeks. There were so many connections that will never be forgotten or broken. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we meditated, we chanted, we practiced, we observed, we experienced, we healed and we became one. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It is meant to influence your thoughts and actions in every day life. I learned to observe instead of react, to connect with my body more than ever before, and most importantly, to listen to my heart.

I only lasted 3 days in Corporate America upon my return, and I have never been more thankful. There comes a point when you rid your mind of self-doubt, even if it’s only for a moment or for a certain decision, and you let your intuition guide you. It’s scary, that’s undeniable, but it’s also undoubtedly true that everything falls into place. There is no need to create expectations or predictions of the future, because it is all subject to change. Live right now, in the moment, because that’s what’s real. The universe will guide you to your purpose; believe in yourself and the right doors will open.

Namaste loves 🙂 xox


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