Emotions Behind Melaleuca

So after reading Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald, this is my current interpretation of the message written under Melaleuca. I still feel that there are multiple other ways to interpret the emotions behind this “Oil of Energetic Boundaries”…

Melaleuca Essential Oil aka Tea Tree Oil, works as a disinfectant not only for inanimate objects, but also for negative energetic baggage. The use of Melaleuca helps purify relationships that we have in our lives by weeding out those that are toxic.

It can be easy to slip into a co-dependent relationship. Before you know it, you don’t view yourself as an individual or you “forget who you are”. Your needs, wants, and routine are all combined with someone else’s. You are constantly putting yourself second. If someone needs you, you drop what you are doing even if it inconveniences you. You may feel energetically drained, and even though it seems obvious, you might not recognize what the source is.

Take a moment to reflect. Have you experienced this type of relationship before? Are you currently in this type of relationship? Maybe it’s a co-worker, a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Once we rid our lives of unhealthy relationships, with the help of Melaleuca we can welcome new prosperous relationships and focus on the importance of ourselves. These new relationships along with this new found respect for ourselves and our time will bring our energy level to equilibrium. All new relationships will honor our space and boundaries.

In turn, noticing these patterns will help us become aware of our connections with others, respecting their energetic boundaries as well.

Melaleuca empowers us to stand up for ourselves. Do not let others step all over you because you are too nice. Stay true to yourself, cherish your time, energy, and talent. You are not responsible for the problems of others. Melalueca helps to purify yourself. Use this oil to help release toxins both physical and emotional from your life. Remember, it is wonderful to help others, but not at your own expense.

According to the book, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils, you should place one drop of Melaleuca Essential Oil under your tongue and inhale regularly throughout the day. I’ve never personally tried placing a drop under my tongue, but I have gargled one drop in water for a sore throat and it wasn’t too bad. I would just apply 1-2 drops topically and inhale. 😉


Macdonald, Daniel. Emotional Healing with Essential Oils. Introduction ed. Vol. Manual 1. N.p.: Enlighten, 2011. Print

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