A Quick Bit on Shit & Angels.

So I started my day thinking about shit.

Lots of shit.

The only constant shit in our lives as humans is pretty much the sun rising and setting and the moon going through its cycles.

Everything else is constantly changing, twisting, turning, getting flipped upside down, inside out. Life. Is. Weird.

There is shit that is out of our control. This is the shit that we literally cannot do anything about.

Let that shit go.

There is shit that we have some sense of control over HOWEVER we know that we are never going to act on this shit. We are never going to address it because we know the outcome/reaction/consequence just is not worth it. Instead, this shit continues to spiral off of a windmill that is continuously circling in our mind.

Let that shit go. It does not serve you.

I promise you will feel 1,000 times lighter channeling the “free-spirit” inside of you.

So as I’ve been focusing on writing about shit all day, more specifically, letting go of shit, (a message I need to remind myself of hourly) I came across something unique.

My thinking has been different lately, more in depth, or more, well…abstract. Not really sure how else to put it into words. I’ve been trying to get my shit together all afternoon so that I could go to the yoga studio early and clean up. It is now 3 hours later and 1 hour before class. Not the plan.


Letting it go.

I’m looking to incorporate my oils display back into the “boutique” section of the Martial Arts / Yoga Studio. I decided that I would start with samples of Deep Blue Rub (one of my personal favorites). I have a little elephant box where I keep my change, resting on top of a groovy designed wooden tray, stacked on the floor to the side of the couch. I picked them both up and placed them on the coffee table next to my laptop. I lifted up the elephant box to take the remaining change out and underneath I found a note “Someone will visit you soon”. It’s a fortune cookie slip from my roommate’s last Chinese food order. I know that doesn’t sound all that mystical but it’s interesting how intricately it was tucked into my pile of things…

I flip it over. Ah number 32. This number. It’s been following me. Finally I look it up.
Angel Number 32 Meaning

Is there a number that’s been following you recently? Look it up! If nothing comes to mind, start paying attention. Open your heart, your mind, your ears, and your eyes. This new found awareness may teach you something about yourself, shining light upon your path & purpose.

I’ll leave it there.


To get back to today’s mantra:

Remember, Let that shit go.



Apparently it makes space for things greater than our minds’ can interpret . . .

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